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Mobile Security App

Role: Lead User Experience Designer. 
Goal: Using biometrics evaluation to increase mobile security.  

Website Front Page

Website Front Page

Remembering passwords is the frustrating part of our everyday lives. The product focuses on using biometrics such as voice recognition, face recognition, finger print,... as means of identification. The goal of the product is to eliminate the necessity of memorizing passwords, and yet introduce an authentic and easy substitute. 


My role as Lead UX Designer was to strategize the concept and user flows for Android application and website, as well as designing the wire-frames and mock ups, and conducting user tests.

Through the course of my involvement with Pass Ban, I established a human centered design approach in different aspects of the products.  I created a vision for their brand along with some brand boosting transformations. The company became one of the most suitable acquiring targets for RSA, a recognized network security company. RSA acquired PassBan with this biometric security application in Beta phase.


I wrote the script, illustrated, and animated this video for PassBan, to introduce the product.