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Breast Care Pathway

ROLE: Senior System Designer and Researcher. 

Project step by step:

Project Goal: Finding a unique approach to the patient journey in healthcare space.
Journey mapping workshop and synthesis: Mapped the journey of care providers and patients to identify the most common pain points. Using the expertise of the product owner and care providers.
Paper Prototyping: The question was how might we design a solution to address the common pain points and problems in the journey of healthcare providers and patients with breast cancer. I created the paper prototype to then transfer to the first clickable prototype.
Subject Mater Expert Interviews: Phone and Skype interviews with five healthcare providers in the field of breast care to further identify the pain points and validate the prototype.
First Prototype: Designing the interaction, interface and visual details of the app, using Flinto to make an interactive prototype for field research. 
Field Research: Card sorting exercise, journey mapping and prototype testing (user testing) in two facilities in Seattle (WA) and Waukesha (WI), five sites (different hospitals) and 23 professionals. Professionals included breast surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, and nurse coordinators. I travelled and worked with the principal designer of the project to conduct the research. 
Research Synthesis: Identifying user roles, goals and challenges, and finding trends and themes around the subject matter. On this, I worked closely with the principal designer to synthesize all the gathered material in 5 days.
Second Prototype: Translating research findings to design and applying the changes to the prototype.
Second Field Research: I lead the research effort at IGR (Institute Gustave Roussy) France.  We selected IGR to learn from their One Day Clinic. The research included interviews with surgeons, radiologists, and schedules, shadowing (fly on the wall), and prototype sharing. We also tracked IGR's unique approach to address the information per patient to get a fast turn of results. With another researcher, we synthesized the research findings and evaluated the prototype once more. I presented the result to the board of product owners and stakeholders in Cleveland (OH).