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I am in charge of the UI/UX Design effort on this SaaS product and its website. The common challenges are adding new features to the product, redesigning and updating the look and feel of the website, working with different teams of marketing, data science, and development on different projects. The fast turnaround of the projects allows me to see the whole process from ideation to completion in a rather short time period. See the website, or checkout the product.

Compliance-ai’s website.

Compliance-ai’s website.

Please check out the Website here:

Compliance-ai workflow system: One of the most recent additions to the product which was entirely driven by users’s requests and needs. The workflow system enables a team of users collaborate on tasks and check the progress of each task. The system allows each team member to have a defined role with a set of unique attributes to invite other team members, assign team admins, create workflows, and assign tasks to other individuals.

Please check out the product here:

Data visualization: This initial visualization ideation was developed using the public api and a visual library for wordpress. Check out the developed version here.

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mobile application


The first phase of the mobile application with emphasis on notifications is out.

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interactive mockup.